August 2020

Simulation Bleed now published as paperback and ebook. This is a novelisation of my web series. 'Due to certain peculiarities in the manner of their lives and deaths, Mixt and Nakishdan hunt through time for Geeda Lala, a mysterious interloper with a penchant for punk rock gigs in the 70s. Accompanying them is Rainith the Red, an unfriendly fairy with a sharp sword. Hindering them are psychological problems, hostile flying snakes, and 102 Wuu.' Amazon UK

Simulation Bleed cover

March 2020

Heres'a new edition of my graphic novel, Lux and Alby Sign On and Save the Universe. This has been out of print for a long time and it's great to have it available again. I wrote this in the 90s and the art is by Simon Fraser. It's out in paperback and also as an ebook. Amazon

Lux and Alby graphic novel

April 2019

Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me. My schooldays in Glasgow, and the mighty Led Zeppelin are coming to play. I always liked this book but it had an unfortunate history. Shorty after it was published in 2002, the publisher went out of business. The book disappeared almost as soon as it arrived. Counterpoint did do a decent American edition, but the book has been out of print in Britain for a long time. I've now brought it back into print. While preparing the book, I read through it with some trepidation, wondering how often I'd be shaking my head muttering 'What was I thinking when I wrote this?' But that didn't happen too often and I still liked it, which was a relief.   Amazon

Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me

January 2019

I just published a new Thraxas book. I write the Thraxas series under the name of Martin Scott. Thraxas of Turai, the 11th book in the series, is now available as a paperback and ebook. More details at

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Thraxas book eleven

September 2018

My new book, Supercute Futures has now been published. Available as paperback and ebook in the UK and some other territories. On sale in the US as ebook now, with the paperback following next year.


Supercute Futures cover

June 2018

My new book, Supercute Futures will be published in August by Piatkus.

The book is set some time in the future, and concerns Mox and Mitsu, two women who own Supercute Enterprises, a gigantic organisation whose promotion of cute clothes, toys and the supercute fairy realm provide some relief from the grim conditions in most parts of the world.

Supercute Futures cover

March 2018

My new book, 'Supercute Futures,' will be published by Piatkus in the UK in August.

Mox and Mitsu, owners of the huge Supercute Empire, find themselves under attack by their bitter rivel Moe Bennie. For years they've dominated their ravaged world by having the cutest clothes and cuddliest toys, but now they're obliged to revert to armed violence, something at which they're surprisingly adept. Faced with an overwhelming cyber-assault, hostile drones in the air and mercenaries in the radioactive tunnels below, Supercute are desperately struggling to stay alive, with their empire intact and their make-up in good repair.

From the publisher's website - 'A glorious offbeat mix of manga and cyberpunk, this latest by acclaimed author Martin Millar is an unforgettable and timely work of dystopian fiction. A magnificent juxtaposition of determinedly cute, bright and entertaining creatures against the background of a slowly decaying world, this manages to highlight everything that is both terrifying and inspiring about the human condition.'

ISBN: 9780349419343
Contact at publisher - Anna Boatman -

October 2017

I've completed a new book, 'Supercute Futures,' which should be published by Piatkus around July 18.

Thraxas books 7 & 8 has now been published as a paperback, meaning the whole series is now available as paperbacks and ebooks.

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Thraxas books seven and eight

July 2017

Thraxas continues to come out in paperback. The latest is a single volume containing Thraxas and the Sorcerers & Thraxas and the Dance of Death. Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 are now are available as printed editions. That only leaves books 7 & 8, which will be available soon.

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Thraxas books five and six

June 2017

THRAXAS AND THE ORACLE, book ten in the series, has now been published in paperback for the first time. So far, books 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 and 10 are available as printed editions and the rest will follow soon. Meanwhile they are all available as ebooks.

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Thraxas book ten

April 2017

THRAXAS BOOKS THREE AND FOUR are now available in paperback, as a single volume. This volume, containing Thraxas at the Races, and Thraxas and the Elvish Isles, is now on sale at Amazon. All of the Thraxas series will soon be re-published in print editions. Meanwhile they are all available as ebooks.

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Thraxas books three and four

March 2017

THRAXAS AND THE ICE DRAGON, book nine in the series, is now available as a paperback for the first time. Books one and two are also now on sale as print editions as well as ebooks, and the rest of the series will follow soon.

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Thraxas book nine

February 2017

The Thraxas series, available as ebooks, is now being published in paperback as well. The first of these, comprising books one and two, is now available at Amazon. The others in the series will follow soon.

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Thraxas books one and two