Simulation Bleed

Simulation Bleed is an ongoing serial.
I update it every Monday.

Due to certain peculiarities in the manner of their lives and deaths, Mixt and Nakishdan hunt through time for Geeda Lala, a mysterious interloper with a penchant for punk rock gigs in the 70s. Accompanying them is Rainith the Red, an unfriendly fairy with a sharp sword. Hindering them are some psychological problems, hostile flying snakes, and 102 Woo.

Latest:  211
(End of part 3)
Updated: 31st October 16

Simulation Bleed is now ended. For a while, anyway.

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Part 3  133    145    161    177    189

OCD, London, music, time travel, punk rock, prog rock, 1977, 1967, monsters, fighting, therapy, group therapy, swords, naginata, depression, alcohol.

Updates every Monday.

Rainith the Red - Hostile Fairy Disorder.

Mixt - Sacrificed at Stonehenge, survived the experience.

Nakishdan - Psychic. Will wear bright kimonos in all circumstances.