Simulation Bleed

My serial, Simulation Bleed, has now ended.
I may return to it some day.

Due to certain peculiarities in the manner of their lives and deaths, Mixt and Nakishdan hunt through time for Geeda Lala, a mysterious interloper with a penchant for punk rock gigs in the 70s. Accompanying them is Rainith the Red, an unfriendly fairy with a sharp sword. Hindering them are some psychological problems, hostile flying snakes, and 102 Woo.

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(End of part 3)
Updated: 31st October 16

Simulation Bleed is now ended. For a while, anyway.

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OCD, London, music, time travel, punk rock, prog rock, 1977, 1967, monsters, fighting, therapy, group therapy, swords, naginata, depression, alcohol.

Rainith the Red - Hostile Fairy Disorder.

Mixt - Sacrificed at Stonehenge, survived the experience.

Nakishdan - Psychic. Will wear bright kimonos in all circumstances.